Who We Are

We are women helping women.  We have worked hard to understand the issues and barriers for women in transition.

Kendra was incarcerated after pulling a razor from a back pack to defend herself from an attack of several girls with broken bottles.  In the fight that ensued, she cut one of the attackers.  Although she was 17, she was tried as an adult and sentenced to 5 years in prison.  She did three of those years and was released early because of her model behavior.  Later, while moving from one place to another, she was picked up for violation of probation when her probation officer could not find her and she went back to prison to serve out the rest of her term.

Upon her release, she became a strong woman who started two businesses and held responsible jobs, all the while giving back to the community by volunteering at a transitional house for women who were experiencing similar transitions.

We were with Kendra as she applied for a managerial position that she was well- qualified for and was on the last leg of her interviewing process.  She was stunned to find her old criminal record had followed her still – more than 25 years later.  We learned a valuable piece of information with her – many reasons for transition never leave women – and continue to hinder their healing, growth, and ability to move on and be successful.