We are a group of women committed to better understanding the challenges of transitional periods for women – as seen through their eyes and in their voices.  It is only in listening carefully and paying attention to hidden details that we will be able to help women find and create the resources and support they need to navigate the road of difficult times.

We have worked with women in transition – and have experienced our own.  We know that we do not have enough information about the very unique challenges that women face as they reenter society after incarceration, lose their homes due to domestic violence, struggle with substance recovery, and fight to ward off homelessness.

Women naturally seek the support of other women, finding comfort in confiding their problems to a few trusted friends.  But, just as they like to share, they hold their problem close to their hearts and away from the public eye.  Many women we meet are struggling with some type of transition, and most don’t know where to turn for help or what they can do to help themselves.

After spending time listening to women willing to share with us – we have decided to broaden our reach and learn from as many as will share.  We find their courage and resilience inspiring.

Our goal now is to develop a resource for women to help them navigate the challenges of transition – no matter what that journey may be.